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Tuuli 21-09-2021
Cultural Exchange Defined

THIS is Cultural Exchange defined - in the words of Penni & Nick Grodzicki, host family: “A sad day as we say our farewells to Ina - the last in our…

Tuuli 01-04-2021
Smartaupairs - IAPA Member since 2009

Smartaupairs are a proud member of IAPA, the International Au Pair Agencies Association.  A wonderful community of agencies from across the world! …

Tuuli 09-03-2021
A Beautiful Note from Rebecca

What a beautiful note, received from Rebecca a few days ago. Rebecca is a German au pair in England.  "Hello, I hope you are having a wonderful s…

Tuuli 08-03-2021
Abbie Q&A

Abbie has just arrived in England from South Africa as an au pair and she kindly answered a few questions for our Q&A. Follow her on Instagram on: a…

Tuuli 04-03-2021
Why We Love Our Au Pairs

2020-1 has been a tough year for all. Covid, disruption to family life, work, travel - you name it! From an agency perspective, it has been a case of fi…

Tuuli 02-02-2021
UK Au Pair Program in 2021

Which Nationalities Can Smartaupairs Work With in 2021?   British & British Overseas Nationals EU Nationals with UK pre-settled status …

Tuuli 17-12-2020
Au Pair Program Post Brexit - BBC Coverage

Brexit: 'Au pairs are a practical solution to a big problem' BBC - Au Pair Program in the …

Tuuli 01-12-2020
Youth Mobility Visa - T5 UPDATES December 2020

Important updates have been made to the Youth Mobility Scheme, T5 Visa. This visa is available for the following nationalities: "You can apply for a …

Tuuli 23-11-2020
24 November - The International Au Pair Day

On the 24th of November, we celebrate the annual INTERNATIONAL AU PAIR DAY!! We are SO proud of all our past & present au pairs :)  

Tuuli 28-10-2020
Au Revoir Au Pairs! The (quiet) end of the Au Pair programme in the UK

For a sector that is really quite small (an estimated 7% of UK families with children up to the age of 16, say they have have hosted an Au Pair in 2019-202…

Tuuli 01-10-2020
Ronja: A Thank you to My Host Family

The au pair program has continued, despite the challenges in 2020 and at Smartaupairs we have welcomed nearly 160 new au pairs since summer time.…

Tuuli 22-08-2020
Interviews with Host Families

And how to deal with rejection? At Smartaupairs, we provide each prospective au pair with an interview and search guide. We know also how t…

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