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smartaupairs 28-07-2017
Activities to Keep Host Kids Busy During the Holidays

Many new au pairs arrive during the summer holidays and sometimes it can be very difficult to keep kids busy! That is why we asked our current au pairs for…

smartaupairs 29-06-2017
Saturday 24th June 2017- Urban Food Fest

Thank you to all the au pairs who got together at Urban food fest in Shoreditch! !  One of the many events organized by smartaupairs

smartaupairs 18-06-2017
Au Pairs Nominate Their Host Dads for our Father's Day competition

We wish a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all dads and host dads out there!  As last year we asked our au pairs to nominate their host dads for our FATHE…

smartaupairs 14-06-2017
Sunday 11th June 2017 : The London Colour Run

Blog entry by Aurelie & Isabelle - the current smartaupairs interns. Photo credits go to our amazing Aussie au pairs who took some fantastic snaps during t…

smartaupairs 17-05-2017
Sunday 14th May 2017 : The BAPAA Au Pair River Cruise Event

Last Sunday, the annual BAPAA River Cruise event was THE place to be (for an au pair at least)  ;) Starting at 11 am, approximately 300 au pairs were pr…

smartaupairs 17-05-2017
Recent Smartaupairs Meetups -The Boat Race and the Oxford Trip

It's been so busy we have not yet had the chance to post these pics, better later than never! In April, we joined the famous Boat race Oxford against C…

smartaupairs 03-04-2017
Smartaupair of the Year 2016-7- Kirby from AUSTRALIA!!

Each year, we select one of our au pairs (based on host family nominations) to win the lovely Smartaupairs of the Year title. With a little bit of a drum r…

smartaupairs 31-03-2017
IAPA Conference in Munich

The weekend gone, Tuuli, Chloe & Robyn from Smartaupairs attended the IAPA Conference in Munich. IAPA stands for the international au pair agencies associa…

smartaupairs 26-03-2017
Au Pairs Nominate Their Host Mums for our Mother's Day Competition

We would like to wish a fantastic mother’s day for all the mums (and of course in particular our lovely host mums)! This year, we continued our tradition o…

smartaupairs 09-03-2017
Photos from Our Recent Smartaupairs Coffee Meetups

As many new au pairs have arrived over the last months we have organised three events in London to help everyone to get to know each other and to find…

smartaupairs 13-02-2017
Top Ten Meals to Cook for your Host Children

Au pairs are often asked to assist their host family in cooking an evening meal for the children. Basic cooking skills can be expected but we recommend tha…

smartaupairs 06-02-2017
Smartaupairs Au Pair Survey Results & Testimonials 2017

We recently did a survey with our au pairs – here is some of their feedback :)  "Smartaupairs gave me the best match of family you could have! I'm so happ…

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