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Very Important Note:

  1. The applicant availablity is limited and we cannot guarantee introductions.
  2. Most au pairs request to be located with families in/near London. This means that while accept registrations from non-London locations, the options are generally significantly more limited.

All au pairs are to be paid in accordance to the national minimum wage rules - I would advise to review the following information with care:

Read More About Au Pair Program and What Has Changed Here

To REGISTER/to sign up for au pair availability alerts:

What do you do with the information?

Due to the current market situation, we will only generally make contact with you when we have identified suitable au pair profile for you to review.


We appreciate that sometimes, you will need a bit more time to prepare the letter and photos, which is why many families send the letter, photos and references to us separately via e-mail ( or via Whatsapp (07912178488)

The good news is, you will only need to complete this process once - as your details will then be safely stored for future searches! 

1. Registration Form 

2. A Family Letter is a friendly introduction to your family life. 

Please introduce each family member, likes & hobbies & family life. Why are you looking to host an au pair? Do you have previous au pair experience? How do you expect to integrate your au pair in family life?

Your ideal au pair?

Au pair responsibilities & schedule - What is the proposed schedule for the au pair? Consider the key times during which you would need au pair assistance (e.g. 7-9.30 am in the morning and again 3pm - 7.30pm in the evening). Kindly use this space to further specify both childcare and household duties.

A summary of any other benefits offered to your au pair (their room, pocket money, inclusion in family life, any other extras such as travel contribution or gym membership?)

3. Photos including a photo of the family & photo of the au pair room

4. Two Recent References

We ask for contact details (preferably e-mail address) of your previous au pairs - whom we would contact to ask for a testimonial regarding your family and their au pair role. If you have had not had au pairs previously, we kindly ask to speak with your recent childcarer (nanny, childminder, babysitter).

In effect, the references will show any potential au pair who is considering your role that you are a lovely family to work for! 

Once we receive the required information, our team will contact you for a telephone consultation unless we have already completed one.

Generally, most of our new hosts actually complete a consultation before online registration. It is a good idea to chat with us to see how we can help before filling out the full form. Book a call here  or simply Whatsapp Tuuli on 07912178488 to chat about your requirements. 

How long does it take to find an au pair? 

The au pair numbers have been in a significant decline due to Brexit, which is why most searches now take substantially longer. We cannot guarantee introductions. Allowing your search sufficient lead time is therefore key in finding the right applicant. Please also keep an open mind when it comes to alternative childcare options.