Abbie Q&A


Abbie has just arrived in England from South Africa as an au pair and she kindly answered a few questions for our Q&A.

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Abbie Q&A

Q:Why did you choose to au pair in England? 

Abbie: I chose to aupair  I’m England because it’s been a dream of mine to move here, I was aupairing in South Africa and thought it would be a good idea to continue doing what I love to start my journey in a new country.

Q: How did you find out about the au pair program?/Did you know others who had done it before? 

Abbie: I found the aupair program online 

Q: What were the key factors in choosing the right host family for you. 

Abbie: I was looking for a family that I clicked with and shared similar values with 

Q: What are you most looking forward to from your current experience/coming year? :)

Abbie: I’m most looking forward to experiencing life in the Uk and exploring Europe given the opportunity!

Q: Do You Have To Stay In a Certain Hotel or Can You Choose Where You Want to Stay?

Abbie: They automatically choose your hotel for you, you aren’t allowed to choose.

Q: Tell Us Something About Yourself?

Abbie: I am super passionate about children and my goal is to study to become a teacher!

Q: What Do You Miss Most About #SouthAfrica?

Abbie: I’d say I miss my family the most for sure! But I am loving it here so far. 

Q: Where Exactly in South Africa Are You From? 

Abbie: I am from Cape Town

Q: How Many Tests Did You Do? 

Abbie: You do 2 covid tests, one on the second day and one on the 8th day of quarantine.

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