Cultural Exchange Defined


THIS is Cultural Exchange defined - in the words of Penni & Nick Grodzicki, host family:

“A sad day as we say our farewells to Ina - the last in our long line of wonderful au pairs!

A teenager that chooses to travel to a foreign country, live with a family they’ve never met, and to take responsibility for four children is a brave soul - but one that does it in the midst of a global pandemic is amazing. Ina hasn’t been home or seen her family in nearly a year - we hope we made her feel at home and part of our family here.

And now… we are done. Nine fantastic women became part of - and will always remain - our family. Our children gained nine of the best big sisters one could ever wish for, and we couldn’t have made the last eight years work without them. We’re still not quite sure how we are going to manage from now on!

Huge thanks too to the wonderful Tuuli Liiskmaa at Smart Au Pairs - from the very beginning all those years ago she has been committed to finding the very best for both her families and her au pairs and has always been there with help and advice. We really hope the difficult times for the programme will be short and that the business will continue to flourish. We recommend her to everyone!
Hoping against hope that the travel situation continues to ease so that we can welcome all our girls back again soon - we miss you all terribly.

Thank you all again - Bernardette, Naomi, Maika, Vanessa, Laura, Lea, Nikki, Annika… and Ina. It’s been brilliant xxxxxxxxx

(re-shared with permission)

Thank you to our Grodzicki family for being such an amazing host and a true ambassador to the au pair program.

And thank you to all their wonderful au pairs for being just that - superstar au pairs! :)

All the previous au pairs :)


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