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TBC 02-02-2024
5 * Feedback Worth Smiling About

Lovely feedback like this makes our day!  Thanks to Tuuli, I found the best family to work for ! When I contacted Tuuli, I didn't have any job, and she…

Tuuli 05-12-2023
2024 National Minimum Wage Pay Guidelines

The national minimum wage guidelines are changing in April 2024.  Source: National Minimum Wage Rates The following weekly rates for live in au pairs…

Tuuli 09-11-2023
Smartaupairs - Au Pairs Autumn

Now that Halloween is done and dusted - it’s time to look forward to all things Christmas, right?? In October, our au pairs took part in a Jack the Ripp…

Tuuli 31-10-2023
Introducing Our New Candidate Board

At Smartaupairs, we understand the significance of finding the perfect match when it comes to hosting an au pair. To make this process even more seamless a…

Tuuli 21-11-2022
Smartaupairs Au Pair of the Year 2022 - Hannah

After a few crazy years, our very own Smartaupairs Au Pair of the Year Award is BACK!  Each year, on the 24th of November, we celebrate the In…

Tuuli 17-11-2022
National Minimum/Living Wage - Prepare for Changes 2023

The national minimum wage guidelines are changing in April 2023.  Source:  The&nbs…

Tuuli 17-03-2022
Au Pairs & Minimum Wage

The government has passed a ruling which states that au pairs are no longer exempt from national minimum wage. This is a significant change. Somewhat&n…

Tuuli 19-11-2021
Q&A with Ellie Bambury

Hey!! A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we were going to do a Q&A with Ellie Bambury - and here it IS! Just as a quick refresher.. Ellie is a…

Tuuli 21-09-2021
Cultural Exchange Defined

THIS is Cultural Exchange defined - in the words of Penni & Nick Grodzicki, host family: “A sad day as we say our farewells to Ina - the last in our…

Tuuli 01-04-2021
Smartaupairs - IAPA Member since 2009

Smartaupairs are a proud member of IAPA, the International Au Pair Agencies Association.  A wonderful community of agencies from across the world! …

Tuuli 09-03-2021
A Beautiful Note from Rebecca

What a beautiful note, received from Rebecca a few days ago. Rebecca is a German au pair in England.  "Hello, I hope you are having a wonderful s…

Tuuli 08-03-2021
Abbie Q&A

Abbie has just arrived in England from South Africa as an au pair and she kindly answered a few questions for our Q&A. Follow her on Instagram on: a…

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