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Tuuli 21-11-2022
Smartaupairs Au Pair of the Year 2022 - Hannah

After a few crazy years, our very own Smartaupairs Au Pair of the Year Award is BACK!  Each year, on the 24th of November, we celebrate the In…

Tuuli 17-11-2022
National Minimum/Living Wage - Prepare for Changes 2023

The national minimum wage guidelines are changing in April 2023.  Source:  The&nbs…

Tuuli 17-03-2022
Au Pairs & Minimum Wage

The government has passed a ruling which states that au pairs are no longer exempt from national minimum wage. This is a significant change. Somewhat&n…

Tuuli 19-11-2021
Q&A with Ellie Bambury

Hey!! A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we were going to do a Q&A with Ellie Bambury - and here it IS! Just as a quick refresher.. Ellie is a…

Tuuli 21-09-2021
Cultural Exchange Defined

THIS is Cultural Exchange defined - in the words of Penni & Nick Grodzicki, host family: “A sad day as we say our farewells to Ina - the last in our…

Tuuli 01-04-2021
Smartaupairs - IAPA Member since 2009

Smartaupairs are a proud member of IAPA, the International Au Pair Agencies Association.  A wonderful community of agencies from across the world! …

Tuuli 09-03-2021
A Beautiful Note from Rebecca

What a beautiful note, received from Rebecca a few days ago. Rebecca is a German au pair in England.  "Hello, I hope you are having a wonderful s…

Tuuli 08-03-2021
Abbie Q&A

Abbie has just arrived in England from South Africa as an au pair and she kindly answered a few questions for our Q&A. Follow her on Instagram on: a…

Tuuli 04-03-2021
Why We Love Our Au Pairs

2020-1 has been a tough year for all. Covid, disruption to family life, work, travel - you name it! From an agency perspective, it has been a case of fi…

Tuuli 02-02-2021
UK Au Pair Program in 2021

Which Nationalities Can Smartaupairs Work With in 2021?   British & British Overseas Nationals EU Nationals with UK pre-settled status …

Tuuli 17-12-2020
Au Pair Program Post Brexit - BBC Coverage

Brexit: 'Au pairs are a practical solution to a big problem' BBC - Au Pair Program in the …

Tuuli 01-12-2020
Youth Mobility Visa - T5 UPDATES December 2020

Important updates have been made to the Youth Mobility Scheme, T5 Visa. This visa is available for the following nationalities: "You can apply for a …

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