Before you can apply for the au pair program, there are certain basic requirements you must meet:

Love for children & demonstrable, good childcare experience (ideally 200hrs+) – we require at least two independent childcare references which will be verified upon your application. It may seem obvious, but we must highlight that being au pair is a childcare based program – so you must genuinely enjoy spending time with children and looking after them. 

Aged 18-29

Nationality which is eligible for a UK entry visa: Including T5 YMS visa countries (including Australia/New Zealand/Canada), South African nationality with British ancestry visa eligibility, or British overseas citizens. We also place EU nationals with UK pre-settled status.

Be unmarried & have no children of your own

Be adaptable, honest, outgoing/extroverted and openminded - As an au pair you meet lots of new people, and good communication skills are very important.

Conversational Command of English – It is very important that you can independently complete an interview in English (both with Smartaupairs & potential host families). 

Preparedness to live away from home – Do have a really good think about how you will find living away from home, especially if this is your first time. How will you fit into the family life? How will you find being away from home? How can you prepare for homesickness? Do you enjoy new challenges and meeting new people?  

Real commitment - Becoming an au pair is a serious commitment, not something to do as a side-thought or off the whim. The host family will welcome you with open arms and introduce you to their child(ren), who will inevitably grow attached to you. It is therefore really important to consider how you joining the host family will have an impact on all those around you. 

No criminal record

Be fit and healthy with no medical conditions which may affect your work as an au pair (all medical conditions must be declared)

Non smoker 

Minimum availability of 6 months

Sufficient funds/savings to cover travel to and from the UK, a language course cost (if required) & emergencies