Matching & Search Process

How Do We Work?

Step 1 - Registration 

As the very first step, we recommend reading our program guidelines & host family requirements. This gives you a handy overview of all the basic program information and also what we as an agency & our au pairs can offer. You are welcome to give us a call or send us an enquiry with a brief overview of your requirements if you would like to check for applicant availability for your specific requirements first of all.

As a general guideline, the longer a lead time our agency has for the search, the more likely we are to be successful in finding a suitable match for your family. Many au pairs confirm their au pair roles over 6 months before their expected start date! 

As part of your registration, we ask you to supply for your requirements/preferences and basic family details. We also ask for family photos, a photo of the au pair room/accommodation & contact details for two references (such as previous au pair, nanny). 

You are more than welcome to send us the photos and references separately, via e-mail after you have completed your basic online registration.

Step 2 - Consultation 

As soon as we receive your completed registration, you will be invited to book a telephone consultation. This consultation gives us a chance to better understand what you are looking for, to ensure that the role proposed is program complicant and of course it allows you to ask any further questions from our team. We are always honest and make sure that you are made aware of any known search limitations from the start.

Nearly all of our au pairs are aged 18-19, so we are generally unable to assist with searches which require an older age (after all, there are so many other factors we consider as part of the matching aside of the age).

At the end of the consultation call, provided that you are happy to proceed with the search - will verify your card details & identity with an immediately refundable nominal payment and commence the search accordingly.

We will always verify your references before au pair introductions are made - if we have any issues in reaching your references, we will let you know. 

Step 3 - Au Pair Search, Matching

As soon as we have all the required information (as stated above), we will start approaching potential au pair applicants for you. We will consider both your and the au pair preferences and requirements as part of this process. 

You will not be presented the au pair application until the au pair has replied to us to confirm that they are interested. Our introduction service is about quality, not quantity!

Au pair applicants who have confirmed interest - will have their details presented to you via our online shortlisting system - our online portal allows you to access each applicant’s profile including all of the necessary documents, interview notes and details on their childcare experience to date.

We recommend making contact with the au pairs you like at your earliest convenience as the general turn around of placements is fast. Great applicants are unikely to be available for long.

Step 4 - Interviewing Au Pairs

We will provide you with an interview guide and sample interview questions.

You can make contact with the chosen au pair(s) directly via e-mail to set up a Skype call - or, if you prefer, we can also help set up calls for you! 

Step 5 - Match!

When you are ready to make an offer to an au pair, we will provide you with a sample invitation form, which will allow confirming all the role details in writing. We ask for this document to be returned to us within 3 days of receipt, during which time the applicant will not receive further introductions. 

This document will cover all the details of the offer and will act as an agreement throughout the placement.

Once your invitation form is completed - our placement fee will become payable - we will issue a separate invoice for this. All invoices are to be settled within 7 days of receipt.  

Finally, we will also provide you with a handy family guidebook to help prepare for your au pair arrival & stay.

We will also send lots of guidance material to your au pair (their own handbook, list of recommended language schools, a friends listing and access to our exclusive au pair group, and events). 

Your Information

Your profile is password protected and not on public display online. 

Only team members and relevant candidates will be given access to your details. Your information is safe with us.