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smartaupairs 16-02-2009
Smartaupairs Now Member of IAPA

Smartaupairs has joined IAPA, the International Au Pair Agency Association. After being on the executive committee of BAPAA since 2007 and representing Th…

smartaupairs 15-02-2009
Protect Yourself from Internet Recruitment Scams

Why you should always use a reputable and established au pair agency. Newspaper, internet advertisements or one of the many web-based matching services m…

smartaupairs 06-01-2009
Why Choose a Local Au Pair Agency?

Many host families who first embark on the journey of hosting au pairs look for an au pair agency local to them as they feel safe and comfortable in the kn…

smartaupairs 07-08-2008
Smartaupairs featured in Aspect County

The Kent Magazine Aspect Country featured an article about the benefits of hosting a summer au pair in their summer 08 edition. It is great to be mentioned…

smartaupairs 02-05-2008
How is your manny? (or male au pair?)

How is your Manny?   There is so much written recently about 'mannies', male nannies and male au pairs. Some of our families have also s…

smartaupairs 11-04-2008
Summer au pair

It is about this time each year that parents begin to ask the same question, "What will the kids be doing for the summer?" For parents who have b…

smartaupairs 11-04-2008
Where Au Pair?

So many au pairs like to be in a busy environment of a city or a town, as these places are generally easy to make friends with other au pairs, close to lan…

smartaupairs 21-03-2008
Host Family With Single Dad

For any au pairs who are hesitant to consider a single father family, please read the feedback below from two au pairs, who had a very positive experience…

smartaupairs 19-03-2008
Protect Yourself from Internet Recruitment Scams

We received this message from Maite, from Spain – who has now found a lovely family through smartaupairs and is preparing for her arrival in June. QUOTE…

smartaupairs 19-03-2008
It NOT safe for au pairs to use the internet to find a family..

Please help me out, I just had a terrible experience with a family I contacted through internet, we weren´t doing the whole thing through an au pair organ…

smartaupairs 14-03-2008
Au Pair Feedback

We ask our au pairs to give us feedback towards the end of their stay with the host family. We are proud to share some to our recent au pair testimonials.…

smartaupairs 22-01-2008
Host Family Testimonial

We received this lovely feedback from Frederique, host family in London about Jessie, her Dutch au pair: Hi Nicole – Actually I kept meaning to email you …

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