Why smartaupairs?

Delivering Exceptional Service

Smartaupairs is known for excellent candidates with strong language skills and a genuine interest in children, looking for a real cultural learning experience in the UK.

We come highly recommended by both families and au pairs – most new host families come to Smartaupairs through friend referrals!

A straightforward online registration is all it takes to get started - followed by friendly, honest and efficient personal matching service.

All of our au pairs are fully screened & each placement will be supported by our team.

We work with top overseas agencies and we therefore have access to a wide pool of excellent au pair candidates from all major European countries.

We have been working with the majority of our partners for a number of years and our team members regularly make visits to them to ensure we have the best possible working relationships. Photos of our recent visits to the Netherlands and Germany can be viewed on our blog.

Our partners do the wonderful job of screening each applicant, ensuring that they are suitable for the au pair programme and preparing them for their placement. The therefore provide the crucial first link in the au pair vetting and preparation process.

Majority of our partners are also IAPA registered which means they abide by the same, uniform international au pair program guidelines.

All our au pairs are fully vetted & they provide:

Informative profile



Medical check

Police check

They have been interviewed prior to their application being accepted.

In the same manner as we speak with our host families, we also establish the au pair's own personal requirements, qualities and preferences to ensure a two way-matching process.

It is of utmost importance to us that we have a good understanding of your family needs. Our team will refer to your registration information and our consultation call when carrying out the search. As part of the search, we will contact potential applicants for you, and only once an applicant confirms interest for your position, do we introduce them to you.

What factors do we consider when selecting applicants for you? 

We look both your and the au pair preferences and requirements such as:

  • Start & end date 
  • Your location
  • Age(s) of the child(ren)
  • Driving
  • Language skills
  • Pets 
  • Additional requested skills, such as swimming

What do au pairs look for?

Our experience shows that the following factors are important for au pairs when they consider your family as a possible host family:

  • Friendly family introduction letter & family photos, including your family interests (and how these match with those of the au pair)
  • Positive previous childcarer/au pair references 
  • The age(s) of the child(ren) - most au pairs prefer roles which reflect the age group of children they have most experience with
  • Your location - most au pairs do prefer to be located in or near a city or a town, with easier access to a language course and other au pairs/friends. London remains the most commonly requested location by au pairs

When an applicant confirms interest in your family, we provide you access to their details through our online matching portal, including all of the necessary documents and details on their childcare experience to date.  If you are interested in the selected applicant, you may proceed with interviewing the candidate(s) (typically via Skype). 

Our introduction service really is about quality, not quantity! 

Our team offers support to both you and your au pair throughout your au pair placement. Be it the first or the final month of the placement, our team will be at hand to help with any queries you may have.

Aside of our usual office contact numbers we also have a 24h help line for emergencies (you will also be able to contact Tuuli, our director on her mobile).

We understand that in particular the first “settling in” weeks of the placement are important – so this is the period we are more extensively in contact both with you and your au pair. We have experience in helping with all common concerns and issues such as homesickness, finding friends, or queries about the au pair routine.

When your placement is confirmed, we will send you our Family Information Pack to help you get organised in time for your au pair’s arrival. Similarly, we will send the au pair our extensive Au Pair Guide which covers a range of topics including activities to do with the children, meals to prepare for them, places to visit and practical advice such as how to register with a doctor and open a bank account, for example.

We will also send your au pair a list of other au pairs in the area.  In addition, we hold regular, smartaupairs exclusive events to help your au pair find friends. Each placement is covered by 6 week guarantee.

We are longstanding members of IAPA (International Au Pair Association) and BAPAA (British Au Pair Agencies Association. Smartaupairs director Tuuli is also on the executive board of BAPAA.

In 2014, Smartaupairs’ au pair Irene was awarded International Au Pair of the Year during IAPA’s annual conference. 

Smartaupairs - Au Pair of the Year Winner from Tuuli on Vimeo.


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