Q&A with Ellie Bambury



A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we were going to do a Q&A with Ellie Bambury - and here it IS!

Just as a quick refresher..

Ellie is a certified life coach and mentor for youth and young adults. She runs transformational weekend retreats, ongoing programs for groups and individuals, and one-off workshops. She's also spoken on many international summits, and featured on morning television in NZ sharing insights into guiding the youth of today.You can read more about her brilliant work on: https://the-bigsisterproject.com/

Ellie is also the author of the book “The Big Sister Project” - a memoir of her own au pair experience. The book is available on Amazon 🙂

What will we chat about?

00:59 Who is Ellie? Tell us a bit more about you

1:56 Where did the idea for the name the big sister project come from?

3:38 Why did you decide to become an au pair?

6:05 How did you go about choosing your future host family?

9:40 Biggest challenges during your au pair time? How did you overcome these challenges?

14:07 Your Au Pair Experience Highlights

16:17 One piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

18:01 Top tips for future au pairs

19:35 Tell us a bit more about your journey to date?

23:35 Who are your audience when it comes to coaching?

26:03 Drawing Parallels between your au pair experience and coaching?

27:33 Advice for Au Pairs Who are Planning on What to Do AFTER their au pair time

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