St Patrick's Day Celebrations


Last Sunday, Tuuli & Sandra from Smartaupairs met up with a lovely group of au pairs in London for the St Patrick's day Parade. 

Tuuli's first, and Sandra's second of kind as she has actually been an au pair herself in Ireland before - so had witnessed the Irish celebrations first hand.

With the weather forecast nearing zero, and feeling like -10, we must admit that we were worried that we might be the only ones to turn up on the day, but we were luckily wrong - one of the au pairs had travelled from as far as Bournemouth (go Verena!) 

The parade itself was great fun! We also had a bit of lunch in the Crypt (thanks Kathi for the recommendation!), followed by a bit of music and bobbing to the traditional Irish music.

And once the going got really too cold - we escaped to the wonderful warmth of the National Gallery to finish the day with a bit of art!! 

By the time we got out, the mini-beast from the East had returned with some snow, and the usual train cancellations, but - we made it safely back home in the end :) Long day, but well worth it! 


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