T5 Youth Mobility Visa Changes in 2024


Great news! The T5 youth mobility visa can now be extended for up to 3 years for select nationalities. 

For all new applicants, we recommend considering the application fee (£298) + IHS (£776 per 2 year visa, sadly you pay for two even if you intend to stay one) + the required savings £2530 which must have been on your bank account for at least one month. The account must be in your name. 

Remember - smartaupairs does NOT charge candidates a fee - however you must be prepared for other visa + travel related costs when planning for your travel. 

Age Limit Extension: The UK Youth Mobility Visa now allows applicants from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada up to the age of 35.

Visa Duration: The visa duration has been extended from two to three years (since January 31, 2024), offering a longer period for individuals to experience working in the UK.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants need to fulfill requirements such as valid identification, proof of savings equivalent to £2,530 for 30 days prior to applying, and payment of a £298 application fee.

International Health Surcharge (IHS): An additional fee of £1552 for the International Health Surcharge covers medical treatment on the NHS scheme for the two years of the visa.

Application Process: The application can be done online through the UK government’s website, with specific steps and documentation required.

Third-Year Option: Individuals can apply for a third year while already in the UK, extending their stay. Additional costs apply for the extension, and it can be arranged during the initial visa period.

Source: GOV UK

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