I live in Redhill (Surrey) now for one month and I really like it here ! The area is surrounded by beautiful parks, where you can play always with your hostchildren and you can easily take the train to London, which will take 20min. My hostfamily helped me a lot to settle in and I already feel that I am a part of the family. My hostkids are lovely boys. You learn every day something new as an Au pair! First of all you improve your English just by talking it all the time and then you learn to be very patient with the children and how to handle difficult situations. I take part in a language course at a local College twice a week. I've met some of my friends there. Most of them are local Au pairs,too. Furthermore I would suggest every Au pair to check Facebook to find local Au pair groups. You can just join them and take part at their weekly meeting :) I am really happy that I have made the decision to become an Au pair and very lucky to have such a friendly hostfamily !
- Ozge, Au Pair from Germany
I am in England since the end of August and I really love England! But I had to change the host family and it was not so easy to deal with that kind of experience. Nevertheless, I had great support from the smartaupairs team and they took my problem serious. They sent me new family applications very soon and I found the perfect family for me! My new family is very nice and I have a very good relationship with my host mum and a good one with the kids :) It is amazing how quick you improve your English skills while being abroad. I am really looking forward to the next months!
- Saskia, Au Pair from Germany
My experience so far has been really good, my host parents are very accommodating and make me feel quite at home. As with every job there are ups and downs, but mostly ups, moving to the other side of the world has been exciting, scary, fulfilling and whatever other emotion you could think of. I have met so many amazing people and the decision to come over here and work as an au pair is by far one of the best decisions I've ever made.
- Lauren, Au Pair from Australia
I have been so lucky to have been blessed with the most amazing host family. The children are wonderful and my host parents are amazing and have made me feel at home, a month in and I feel like I am part of the family, which I felt from day one!
- Sarah, Australian Au Pair
Being an Aupair - what is it like? Hard to say, as every day is different. But each day is interesting aswell, and so far I had a lot of fun here! The family is great, the children as well as the parents, and I also love Brighton with it's Lanes, Cafes and of course the seafront. Also, you have lots of opportunities to make friends and spend some time out. And if you go to the language school, you can improve your English and make friends at the same time. Despite you become really grown up, independent and learn lots of things about yourself if it is your first longer period of time abroad without your family. Of course it is not always easy, some days can also be a struggle, but for me it is a great experience so far that I wouldn't wanna miss!
- Elena, Au Pair from Germany
I always tell everyone I'm working as an Au pair. But it's not actually 'work'! Further, just having a great time in the UK, making new friends and international connections, improving my language skills and besides, gaining much experiences at work with children. I'm taking care for 2 twin Brothers, aged 4, one of them gots special needs. It just makes happy to see how delightful both boys are. I would recommend the occupation as an Au pair to everyone who's open-minded, interested in britisch culture and international friends and wants to improve the language skills.
- Nadja, Au Pair from Germany
Being an Au Pair is a really great way to get to know a new country, meeting new people and of course working with children. While you have doubts in the first two weeks, you get used to it really quickly. The children may not get used to you during the first week, but after a while more and more good things happen, showing that the children are starting to accept you more and trust you.
- Shanice, Au Pair from Germany
I have been in London for almost a month now, and it has been so amazing! my host family showed me Brixton and took me out for dinner in the Brixton village the day after I came. I have also met My host-mum's parents, and we went out for dinner too. On my first day alone with my child, we went to the cinema to see planes, it was super fun and i loved it. On my first weekend my host-mum threw me a welcome party where se invited all her neighbours and some of her friends it was really nice, and I got to meet an au pair too. She is living with one of my host-mum's friends. the day after the party i went to play rounders with a lot of my host-mum's friends, it was really fun, and it was nice to get out and see the Brockwell park, where I run alot. I have also been to the theatre to see Siro-A, which was really cool. I also went clubing with one of my host-mum's friends' daughter, she is a year older than me. it was reallt fun to get out, and see how they do it in England :)
- Mia, Au Pair from Denmark
Smartaupairs is an excellent au pair agency - very well-organised and supportive, they help you with everything and make the whole process of finding a family quite easy as they give you tips for your application and do their best to find the perfect family for you. After arriving in your host family they do regularly check on you to make sure you are alright. Thanks to Smartaupairs I am having a great time in London! :)
- Celine, Au Pair from Germany
Smartaupairs were an absolutely amazing pairs agency! They checked in on me every few weeks via email and phone calls. Whenever I emailed them they were very quick to respond and they were really helpful. They arranged meet ups with other au pairs and also had a Facebook group where you could get in contact with au pairs all over London/England. My year in London was fantastic many thanks to Smartaupairs!!
- Benedicte, Au Pair from Sweden