Why Host An Au Pair?


Are you struggling with managing the school runs? Rushing back from work to collect the children?

Au Pair can help create a better work life balance in your family – by providing an extra pair of hands both with caring for your children, helping with the key/busy times of the day as well as with assisting in keeping on top of the day to day light household duties.

With less rushing around – you will have more quality time with your family. 

As your au pair lives in – they can also more easily step in when a child is ill or whereby there is a work emergency which may mean you are late returning from work.


An au pair often more affordable than many other forms of childcare available and therefore, it can be a particularly great option for families whose children are already in school and the care requirements are reduced. Similarly, an au pair can be a great help for a young family to help alongside mum or dad.

Cultural Awareness

The whole family can benefit from being exposed to another culture and language!

Your children can learn words of a different language, learn national dishes unique to your au pair’s home country and generally improve cultural awareness. 

Support & Expertise

Smartaupairs provides not only security (through ensuring the au pairs introduced are vetted) but also support both during the recruitment process & after au pair arrival.

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