Vetting-Only Service

New Service for Pre-Matched Au Pairs

Did you find an au pair independently but would like to have their background checks completed by a reputable agency?


Help your au pair get off to the best possible start with our additional support material and friendly, inclusive network.


Many families have asked us for support in completing the formal checks with our agency and to help their au pair connect with our au pair community - even if a candidate was not recruited by Smartaupairs.


As a result a vetting + network service has been launched! 



So, what is this all about? 


Simply, you find your au pair independently, and we do the vetting and provide complete document pack, checks and the au pair will benefit from access to our au pair course, community and events which are arranged throughout the year. 


The full package (£490) includes: 


  • 2 Reference Checks
  • Police Check
  • Additional Interview (if required)
  • Medical Declaration (if required)
  • Contract / Agreement
  • Host Family Manual
  • Au Pair Access to Our Au Pair Academy 
  • Au Pair Access to Our Au Pair Network & Events

What is our au pair course all about?

We packed our course full of useful information - from basic placement preparation to safety, helping every au pair to get off to the best start in their placement.

Find out more here:

This is a stand-alone service for hosts and au pairs alike. Brilliant especially if..

  • You are an au pair looking to prepare your placement in the UK & to connect with other au pairs through a safe network of likeminded fun people :)
  • You are a host family who is looking for their au pair to get off to the best possible start with our preparation material.
  • You are a host family who have matched privately but would prefer to have the security of having vetting and support material at hand. And peace of mind that your au pair is immediately linked up with our au pair community.
  • You are looking for template documents such as the au pair invitation form, family handbook guide or sample interview questions.

There's a wealth of information drawing upon our nearly 20 years of experience in cultural exchange. 

NB: This course is of course included for all au pairs newly placed by Smartaupairs for FREE ☺️