There are LOTS of different ways you can connect with other young people and au pairs..

  1. Use the support material provided to you by Smartaupairs. This includes a list of au pairs in your area, access to an app where you can meet au pairs placed through other BAPAA agencies and entry into our private Facebook and Whatsapp groups.
  2. Come along to our au pair events! We organise at least one event every month and these include daytrips to large cities in the UK, small coffee afternoons, picnics, trips to the theatre and visits to London’s markets.
  3. Language classes are very popular among au pairs, so a great way to meet new people.
  4. Join a local club – anything from sports (gym, running, team sports), music, reading, chess, film club. Ask the host family for help in finding out about clubs nearby.
  5. If there is a University in the town/city, there are usually student get-togethers and leisure activities. There may be students studying for a degree in your native language (usually French, Spanish, German and Italian are the most popular) and they would be really pleased to practise with you!
  6. Use Facebook to find other groups of au pairs in your area (Smartaupairs’ private group is safe as we check the identity of everyone before allowing them into it but please take extra care on public groups).
  7. Check out Meetup website for local groups and people who share your interests 
  8. Register with ‘ex-pat’ groups in your area, other people who are new to the area are very likely to also be looking to meet other people nearby to explore together.
  9. Sign up for a local excursion through a travel company. We recommend International Friends Tours ( – it’s a great way to explore the country with other young people.
  10. Volunteer – a quick Google search can help you to find opportunities in your area. You may be able to help with local events, conservation and wildlife projects or with activities at a local church or community centre.
  11. Ask your host family if they know any other au pairs/young people in the area. Perhaps they have neighbours with au pairs or younger relatives who live nearby.

Still stuck? Contact our helpful au pair support team at for additional help!