Keeping Your Child Safe & Encouraging Better Behaviour

003_PAF126000044_headerThe two following booklets are provided by NSPCC and are free to view online. The information is easy to read and very useful especially during the early days of the au pair placement. Therefore, why not refer your au pair to the page or have a read through together with her/him. Keeping Your Child Safe: "How do you keep children safe outside the home? How can you keep your toddler safe if they tend to wander off? What should you tell your child to do if they get lost? How do you make sure that your children are safe when taking part in activities in the local community? What should you do if you see a distressed child? This booklet offers practical advice to parents and carers, encouraging them to think about how they can make the world a safer place for children. Includes information on what questions to ask when choosing after and out of school activities." Encouraging Better Behaviour: "A practical guide to positive parenting" , why does a child misbehave & how to react,  guide to positive discipline. A paper copy is provided as part of our family welcome pack.

Source: NSPCC

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