Halloween Spookiness!

Here are some wonderfully spooky Halloween photos from smartaupairs au pairs. The two winning entries are by Cornelia A and Caroline S!  They will both receive a prize + a gift for their host children. Cornelia A - She is currently au pairing in Wimbledon :) [caption id="attachment_2994" align="aligncenter" width="430"]img_2969 "Good evening and happy Halloween!! Our scary picture from tonight! Trick or treat was awesome- in main roles Captain Black, Harry Potter with his beautiful Owl and me as half sceleton, half Hermione ( the boys just told me exactly how to dress- best advisory service ever! 😂👍🏼) Kind regards!! Cornelia"[/caption] Second prize winner is Caroline S, she is au pairing in London: [gallery ids="3027,3026,3025,3024,3023,3028" type="rectangular"]
"This is our halloween feast, the pumpkin and our costumes to enjoy! Halloween was great."
Other fantastic entries: img_9160
Harleen with her adorable host children :) She is au pairing in London!
Laura with her spooky host children! Loving the house decorations too! Laura is an au pair in Sussex
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Julie's super cute (yet spooky) host children! Julie is an au pair in Greater London
Sabrina's (currently an au pair in Surrey) entry: handycraft by the host child :)
Entry from Janina who is currently an au pair in Surrey
"Hello there, hope you’re alright.
Living in a house with massive Harry Potter fans, the choice about the costume was pretty clear. After watching Nightmare Before Christmas and decorating everything a bit, my 2 little pumpkins got dressed in their Slytherin and Griffindor robes, ties and everything. Seeing as the two best houses were already taken, I had to get out my “I’m a muggle“ Shirt. But what is more scary or sad than being a muggle in between two real wizards?
Hope you had a great time,
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Entry from Katinka:
"Hello my name is Katinka and I am an aupair in Bristol. My host child is 6 years old. He loves doing arts and crafts and dressing up. These are his words: "These are bats and a cat made out off toiletrolles. The little bats are made out off conkers and the big bat is made out of a bottle. The pumpkin is made out of a pumpkin and I am a spooky clown-witch! I hope you had a spooky time reading this. Happy Halloween!"
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"Spiders everywhere!!! The best part was to decorate the house... hiding spiders or other scary decorations.
Ghost muffins: The kids loved creating their ghosts. They seem scary but they are delicious and very sweet ;)
Halloween Decorations everywhere in the house.
The scarier the pumpkin grimace is, the better is the Halloween mood. But before you cut the grimace in the pumpkin, you have to wash them... lots of fun!" 
The above photos are by Judith, she is currently au pairing in Buckinghamshire :)
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