COVID-19 & Au Pairs



We understand the situation is worrying and we are doing our very best to assist our hosts, au pairs and partners with any queries relating to COVID-19. We have issued numerous newsletters on the matter and keep a very close eye on the developments not just in the UK but also across the rest of the world.

All hosts & au pairs have Tuuli's direct number for assistance. 

Many au pairs have chosen to leave their placements with the hope to return once it is safe to do so - a high number of our au pairs also still remain in the UK together with their host families. The choice to leave or to stay is entirely personal, and we support which ever decision the au pair and the host family come to

In relation to new searches by host families and au pairs, we have had to stop new searches for spring and early summer start dates and encourage all to consider August/September start dates at the very earliest due to the high risk of travel disruption for earlier start dates.

Au pairs who are currently scheduled to arrive in spring/early summer - are likely to face delays with starting dates.

For au pairs, if you have already confirmed an au pair position, but have not yet booked your travel - please do not do so until the Governement advise allows you to do so. 

UK GOVERNMENT ADVICE including TRAVEL advice to different countries which affect incoming au pairs:



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