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Please find below the latest news release by BAPAA, the British Au Pair Agencies Association:

BAPAA’s Executive Committee (Chairperson in particular) has been reading all the latest publicly available government updates regarding au pair immigration post 29th March (Brexit day) Deal or No Deal and together with specialist immigration lawyer advice, which has been sought and paid for by BAPAA, we have derived the following conclusions.

Your BAPAA agency will be able to give you the full status update including links, if they have not already, by email. 

Please note, Au Pairs who are in the UK on a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa are not affected by Brexit.

Brexit is still causing confusion and we have been doing our best to get advice from the Government to clarify the situation of Au Pairs in a deal or no deal scenario. 
Please do not worry – we have been in contact with the Home office, MP’s, government ministers and the Migration Advisory committee and all our research leads us to believe that European Au pairs will continue to be welcome in the UK whether we have a deal or not. 

It appears there may be a form of registration (European Temporary leave to remain) required post 29 March 2019 but nothing is set in stone at this stage and we will update you when we receive further information. 
Please refer to your BAPAA agency for further government links and information, which lead BAPAA to the conclusion that Au pairs will continue to be welcome in the UK whether we have a deal or not. 
Please do be aware that the information being given to us is subject to change and we will update you when we have more specific guidance. 

We do advise that if your current Au pair is going home for a holiday and is due to travel back to the UK on or after 29 March 2019 they should take a copy of their original Letter of Invitation and also make sure they have all of your family contact details and the contact of your UK Au Pair Agency in case of any queries raised when they try to return.

(Please note that European ID cards will be accepted by the UK until 31 December 2020 whether there is a deal or not.

DISCLAIMER - BAPAA/Smartaupairs cannot be held liable for the accuracy of this guidance which has been provided in good faith as a result of our members research of the ever changing government information and guidance.

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