Au Pair Driving in the UK

The_Mini_by_IanWhite If you need your Au Pair to be able to drive you are responsible for arranging car insurance. Check the age you can afford to insure prior to choosing an Au pair and also check the type of licence – for rules on driving in UK, go to Please note that if you need a driver you need to be aware that an Au Pair's driving ability may be an unknown quantity. Even if the Au Pair says that they have been driving for 5 years, they may have passed their test 5 years ago and not driven a car since; so you need to be sure of their driving ability before accepting them as your Au Pair. To help, in the Au Pair application process we ask for basic information such as: How often do you drive? What types of roads do you drive on – motorway, town, city, countryside? Have you had any accidents? Ultimately, the decision to accept an Au Pair as a driver is your responsibility and you need to be sure that the Au pair is capable of driving – especially if you expect them to drive your children. We would suggest that once the Aupair arrives you arrange for a 2 hour driving lesson so that a qualified instructor can assess their driving ability. You may need to arrange more lessons! Source: Rebecca Haworth-Wood RULES FOR THE ROAD Austria Learning: A driving school and accompanied driving programme, with practical and theory lessons and a minimum of 3,000kms accompanied driving. Learners can start at 16 and take the test from 17. After the test: Two years’ probation and a zero-alcohol rule. Any violations lead to an offender course and extension of probation. One year after the test, there’s a day of track training and group discussion. Germany Learning: Drivers can learn to drive only in professional driving schools. Learners can take the test at 17, followed by mandatory accompanied driving until 18. After the test: Two years’ probation, extended if there are violations. Zero alcohol until 21 France Learning: Starts at 17½ (if at a driving school) or 16 on the accompanied driving programme — a combination of a minimum of 20 hours’ driving school training, 3,000km accompanied driving, plus two three-hour feedback meetings with instructor. Minimum age for test, 18. After the test: Three years probabtion and novice drivers must display ‘A’ driver-plates on the back of the car. They must also drive more slowly, ie, 110km on motorways, instead of 130km. Sweden Learning: Lessons start at 16 and the accompanying driver must take a three-hour training course. Driving test can be taken at 18. After the test: Two years’ probation. Violations result in a suspension of the licence and driver has to retake test. UK Learning: Test can be taken at 17. Unlike other countries, motorway driving is not taught. After the test: Two years’ probation, during which the licence can be revoked after obtaining six penalty points, instead of the usual 12. Driver must then retake test.


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