Adriana's Letter to Future Au Pairs


Dear Future Au Pairs,

Being an Au Pair,
What is it like?
How is it like?

Being an Au Pair was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's not only that you live in a different country with your Hostfamily and take care of a child. I promise you it's so much more.

You'll meet lots of people from all over the world,improve your English and you will learn about yourself and the world,as a cliche as it may sound. It gives you the opportunity to make memories for life.

But what does it mean exactly?

Let me tell you something,everyone has a different story and experience. And I'm gonna tell you mine.

This was my year in England! When I thought about the first couple of times,how it would be to become an Au Pair,I had a lot of different expactations. I've got an idea how it would be from other Au Pairs through their Videos,so that I could get a little idea. I mean you leave your Home Country and spend 1 Year abroad and have a big responsibility over a little child( In my case a 6 Year Girl). There is so much excitment when the day arrives and you say Goodbye to your Family and Hello to your new life at the same time. A couple of hours later I felt so much Happiness,when I saw my Hostfamily the first time and my little Girl jumped right into my arms. In this moment I definitely felt it was the right decision to go abroad, without knowing which great experience I'll make. In the first days,you will discover so many things. Stuff that you don't have at home. Different people,different food,totally different lifestyle.

You'll present yourself in the first couple of weeks so often,that when it comes to the 35 times,you can't even say your name without laughing.

After a couple of weeks,after you get to know your Hostfamily and espacially your little Hostchild a bit,everything turns into a Routine.  You also found some friends,with which you experience the funniest stuff and go on the best trips. They become your Best Friends.So many places that have now a story. One of my favourite trips was with my Hostfamily.They invited me to fly with them over Halloween to Scotland. The Nature,the People,everything was different again, but in a positive way. Having the time of my life. But this is also just a little part of the year. Without really noticing ,my little Hostgirl tought me things and reminded me of the most important things in Life.

Family,Friends,Acceptance,Trust and Love. Of course,Children are not always in a good mood,you make mistakes or you get Homesick,but that belongs to it. You'll learn from this things and they'll make you better. This is just 5 Procent,most of the time you have so much fun! And then months passed away and you nearly at the end of your Au Pair Year and then the situation change.Next to the Brexit at the beginning of my year, the Corona-Virus was also part of my Au Pair Year. It was not an easy time. It changed so much,my Travel Plans,my Working Routine. But let me tell you ,it may sound weird for some of you,but I'm thankful for this time. Suddenly I was a teacher for my Hostchild and I really enjoyed teaching her,even though it was not always easy.So many things that were new for me and also for my Hostfamily,always not knowing for how long this situation will last. We managed it and that brought us more together. And then suddenly the day arrived where I had to leave my Second Home. And yeah you read it Right,my Second Home!During this Year it felt always like a Second Home for me. Without really noticing,people who where foreign people a couple of months ago,are now so close. My whole Hostfamily,my Friends ,this place,but espacially my little Girl that has now a place in my heart.I really don't know how to put that into words,what an incredible experience! I feel so blessed that I was chosen,I was given the chance to experience all of this. These memories stay forever.

My name is Adriana.
Adriana Krug from Germany.
This is my experience in England.
My Au Pair Year.
But it's not just a Year. It was my Life in a Year.

Are you ready for your Au Pair Adventure?

Thanks to my lovely Hostfamily.
Thank you to my Family and Friends in Germany,which supported me all the time during this year.
Thank you also to Smart Au Pairs and Volunta,the Best Agencys.

I wish all Future Au Pairs Good Luck finding their perfect Hostfamily,like I had .Enjoy every second and you will have the time of your life!I hope I could helped you a little bit with this text in your Decision to become an Au Pair,I can definitely recommend it! 

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