It NOT safe for au pairs to use the internet to find a family..


Please help me out, I just had a terrible experience with a family I contacted through internet, we weren´t doing the whole thing through an au pair organization but through a travel agency. Things where going great, to good to be true actually, but then when I was needed to pay for the ticket, they gave me a Nigerian address, it sounded pretty wired, though I paid. We still decided to have them check through a friend who lives in London, and she told us that besides everything was beyond wired, that the phone number the family game us was fake and the whole family as well.

I'm completely dissapointed, but still I'm not giving up, I want to have this experience in working as an au pair. Is there anyway you can help me??

We received this message from Maite, from Spain – who has now found a lovely family through smartaupairs and is preparing for her arrival in June. PLEASE let this be a message for au pairs to use only a reputable au pair agency to find a family!!!!!
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