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 I've been really impressed with your customer focus. We've had a nanny for 4 years (much loved) and I was very worried that the transition to an au pair would be painful for the kids, the parents and the au pair. It's been quite the reverse. We are fortunate to have a super au pair, and it's all gone swimmingly (so far). I think the efforts you make to help the au pairs feel welcome and part of a larger au pair community are really important in making it work. We'll be in touch next year for a replacement! SARAH from Surrey

Smartaupairs has been brilliant. I love the ease of the seeing the information on the au pair and the number of candidates put forward so that you can make a well informed choice knowing you are choosing the best candidate for your family. BERENICE from Cambridgeshire

We have used other au pair companies in the past and I can honestly say that Smartaupairs was the best experience we had. You found us a fantastic au pair and prepared us and our au pair for the stay. Everything was very well organised and we had a fantastic experience. Thank you FREIDA from London

This is the fourth au pair that Smart Aupairs placed in our family. Every year has been a very happy experience. From the start, I felt that Smart Aupairs really to the time to understand our family needs, which is very important. You asked the right questions and helped us define who we needed for our family” Sabine, London

Great experience overall. Each au pair placement is
different to the one before in some ways. Some took our hearts with them when they left. Still keeping in touch with our SMART au pairs and this is very special for the children. Our fourth au pair who left in summer has come to visit us this few days. It is absolutely fantastic to see her again. Our second au pair will be visiting after Christmas. Third one and her family will be having a holiday with us next Easter by the sea. It had been an amazing journey and we value the continuing support from Smart Aupairs Yi Ling, Yorkshire

It’s plain to see that the aim of Smart au Pairs is not shoving candidates through the system, but to ensure all parties has a very rewarding experience Chiara, London

We cannot fault Smart Aupairs. They gave us an excellent service, we absolutely love Jana, our au pair - and we will be coming back when she (sadly) leaves us next Summer. Absolutely brilliant and would not hesitate to recommend Sarah, London

Smartaupairs really listen and try their absolute hardest to meet my ( not always straightforward )needs. I would use them every time without hesitation Evelyn, Buckinghamshire

Very happy with the level of service. Now hosting our 6th au pair form the agency. Only experienced a couple of minor difficulties but have welcomed your support, which has been prompt and professional. I know our au pairs have benefitted from the support and
guidance they have received from your team too Chiquita, Gloucestershire

Since I have joined Smartaupairs, my very busy life has become so much easier! I have been a Smartaupairs customer/client for 4 years now and I would not change a thing.
The webiste is clear and easy of use. And when comes the time to find the next au-pair, I love the fact that it just takes a simple phone-call to any of the lovely staff for the whole process to start: Smartaupairs pre-selecting the candidates, uploading all new information onto the website.... and Voilà! We are in business. Thanks to Smartaupairs, 4 lovely girls from Germany and Switzerland have joined our family and become my new daughters. Believe it or not, but we are still in contact and 2 of them have come back for visits. I intent to use Smartaupairs for many years to come and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any prospective parent. My two daughters and I chose just one candidate and we had a couple of chat with Elena online through Skype. Natacha, Kent

The fit was perfect and it took just 24h to confirm Elena as our au pair. Elena has been with us for nearly 3 months now and we are all really enjoying her presence here. She is very kind and discreet, a very levelled person for being just 19. She gets on equally with both girls. Before going through Smart Au Pairs, we had three au pairs found through family and friends in France but this was fraught with issues such as the au pair wanting to leave early and not really having much experience.
I think a great part of how Elena now fits in with our family is that
she really wants to do this and is very committed and dedicated and the selection process and interviews of the agency has really made a difference in this being a successful placement for all of us. Isabelle, London 

“Smartaupairs is a reliable and trustworthy service that has proved itself valuable on several occasions. I have been a Smartaupairs customer for over three years now and I never fear finding the right candidate, nor feel anxious at the end of the contract, for they do an admirable job of pre-selecting very interesting candidates with a wealth of details. When my third au-pair had to go back unexpectedly to her home country, the Smartaupairs team has been there to support me in a critical time, and I am very grateful for their patience, dedication and efficiency. If you need to find an au-pair, do not look any further than Smartaupairs, they are undeniably the best on the market.“ Host Mum

“I have used 'Smartaupairs' for the past 4 years and had 5 au-pairs live with our family. As a result, we now have 5 good friends from all over Europe. It’s sad when our au-pairs leave us but they always come back to visit and we always look forward to welcoming a new family member when another comes to join us. I recommend the whole experience to all my friends.” Jenny, Host Mum

“I have used local agencies and Smart Au Pairs and without a doubt I will be using you again! The events that were organised in London and the Facebook for our au pair have been brilliant. The pack you sent out made me feel confident that we had remembered everything. We learnt so much from you even after hosting an au pair the previous year...thanks so much. I will be in contact form our third au pair soon!” Barbara, Host Mum

“I think the way your agency helps match families and au pairs is great and really worked for us so would be keen to use you again to find our next au pair” Katie, Host Mum

“We have had wonderful au pair experience and could see ourselves coming back to you for another 9 years” Yi Ling, Host Mum

We've had two au pairs from smart au pairs so far. Both have been absolutely brilliant and well suited to our family. Smart au pairs had lots of tips, from questions to ask when interviewing over the telephone, to setting out guidelines in the handbook to help us as a host family and our au pair know what to expect and what is expected from both parties. It's proven to work very well for us. Thank you smart au pairs would definately use you again! Host Family

Smart Au Pairs were very sympathetic and understanding when it all went horribly wrong. I think this is important - all the searches and checks available won't always take inappropriate people out of the system. That is when Host families need a sympathetic ear and quick action. Host Family

As I have to juggle children, childcare, job and home I really appreciated how efficient and thorough Smart Aupairs were. I loved the online matching service as I could check it at times convenient to me, and the candidates suggested by Smartaupairs were well matched and clearly summarised, saving time in downloading and printing. We're looking forward to welcoming our new au-pair as a result. Leona, Host Mum

I definitely think you have a great set up and I loved being able to access all of the material online. it has to be said that however much you know, it is still somewhat of a leap of faith because you really know very little about how they are going to adapt to life in another country. Our au pair is lovely but next time we will definitely try to find someone with a bit more get up and go. Host Family

I have relied on Smartaupairs for the past eight years; they have continuously provided me with an efficient reliable service. I have found the staff, especially Chloe, really helpful and understanding. There have been a number of instances where we have needed a new au pair quite speedily and once again I have found the speed of re-activation and the forwarding of applicant details outstanding. I frequently share the agency contact details with any friends who are considering an au pair joining their family. Host Family

I was really pleased with the short list and felt that Smart au apairs had listened to my requirements. All the au pairs had the necessary skills which has not always been the case with other agencies. It was good to feel that Smart AP were trying to find candidates that fitted our needs. The pack is useful for the au pair and the follow up on the placement has been polite and timely. I will use them again and feel quite relieved to have found them. Heidi, Host Mum

Smart au pairs are the best agency I have used. Right from the start, the service has been very proffessional, efficient and supportive. I would recommend them to everybody. I really trust the au pairs they have and know that they are to help no matter what point in the process you are. Excellent. Host Family

When I first realised that I needed some help with my hectic life - the idea of taking on an Au Pair seemed perfect. And then I started to look..........what a daunting task. What do I need? Where do I look? How can I trust these people I'm viewing online with my precious children? After a chat with the Smart Au Pairs team I was a lot clearer on what I needed to do, and felt in safe hands going through the search process. I now have my second, successful Au Pair - both of which have been through Smart Au pairs - and my life is a lot easier! Host Family

It could just be the Smart Au Pairs service which is par excellence, but au pair hosting is the best childcare option in the world if you have a spare room. As well as having the help and support you need around the house with the children, we have learned so much from our au pairs, as they bring new ideas, ways of doing things and their own culture, opening our eyes and minds as well as the other way round. Host Family

We've had 3 au-pairs now, 2 Swedes & one Dane. I like that they have already been through an agency to get to this point and that there is plenty of information to go on, and if not satisfied more info can be requested or queried with the agency. Also with the contract there is a clear definition as to what is expected and we know where we all stand. I have heard from two of my au-pairs that friends of theirs that have not come via an agency don't necessarily get what they expect (eg, long hours and not being treated well).Host Family

We find the service very fast and efficient. I immediately received a phone call from Smart Aupairs after contacting them by email. They asked the right questions and got a good feel for what is important to us. Our au pair is a great young lady who gets on smashingly with our son. Sabine – Host mum

We have had 2 FANTASTIC aupairs through SmartAupairs, who have both stayed a full year with us, and have been delighted with the service and the candidates. We have now just started the search for our third aupair with SmartAupairs! Suzie – Host mum

Smart Aupairs provide through and reliable vetting of candidates in their home countries, comprehensive official documentation and other information about them, which gives us peace of mind and the confidence to choose from a good selection of aupair candidates. We’ve used Smart Aupairs three times now and will continue to do so. Stephen – Host dad

we have had 3 au pairs through you over the last 2 years, we have been very happy, have recommended you to many people already, but who knows if they have contacted you! A happy relief to find an au pair after about 3 conversations, rather than trawl through endless Gumtree ads and then find that 50% of the girls don’t even come to the interview which was more than frustrating in the past. Thank you, we will be back Beth – Host mum

I have been really impressed with the quality of the au pairs we have had from Smart Au Pairs. They have been lovely girls and we have had great support from the Agency. Elizabeth – Host mum

We have tried other au pair agencies/websites but always come back to Smart Aupairs due to the reassurance that they are only contacting us with the best people who have been fully checked out in their own countries. We also prefer the fact that we have support and backup once our au pair starts. Amanda – Host mum

We were delighted with the support we obtained from the agency in particular as it was our first time taking on an au pair. The process was easy to follow and very smooth and within two weeks our au pair was with us. The best recommendation was putting a contact in place with our au pair and a day to day guide for them to follow. This was not just for us but our au pairs have all commented on the fact that we have this in place and how much they appreciate it. Gabriella – Host mum

Using Smartaupairs has been a great start to our first experience of having an au pair. Their comprehensive and personal service gave us the reassurance we needed to introduce a much needed pair of extra hands into our expanding family. Our aupair has fitted into our family routine, taking over the school run and looking after the children very well, which has made life with my new baby much easier and less stressful. Thank you for the excellent service you gave us. Kate – Host mum

I found the service provided excellent overall. Particularly when I had concerns about an au pair I was able to have a helpful and supportive discussion with the agency about how to address the concerns and resolve the situation. I felt the support offered was insightful and relevant and we would have no hesitation using smartaupairs agency again. Kirsten – Host mum

We contacted Smartaupairs late last spring, having been let down by our previous agency. We were impressed by the quality of the candidates and the service provided, however we have not yet booked and aupair through you, as our local service pulled through at the last minute. We will be back!Sarah – Host mum

Smart Aupairs have provided me 4 aupairs. They have always provided an excellent service and listened to my needs. Jacqueline – Host mum

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